The UFO fall site near Roswell was first discoveredfor tourists

It is believed that in July 1947, near the city of Roswell in
the state of New Mexico collapsed (shot down allegedly by the US military)
alien humanoid aircraft
(by homanoids) on board. Since then, this place has turned into
true Mecca for ufologists and conspiracy therapists, however, before
curious here are not allowed. Everything has changed in the past
weekend when the possible place of the fall of an unidentified flying
объекта впервые открыли for tourists.

Local journalists report that at least 200 people accepted
participation in a tour of the protected area. For many people,
interested in unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial
civilizations visiting this place has become truly sacred
an event. Americans and country guests report feeling here.
special energy, which clearly indicates that in this desert
once were creatures from another planet or from another

However, this idea also has its critics. They remind you that
the alleged crash site of the “flying saucer” is in
Privately owned and owned by the owners of a nearby ranch. Throughout
Apparently, landowners decided to start making money on tourists.
For $ 250 you can buy a VIP-ticket, the cost of which
Excursion, lunch and some other services are included. For 65 dollars
you will just be dropped off somewhere in the middle of the desert and left alone with
yourself. And not the fact that it will be the desired point on the map.
Some people walked a couple of miles to walk in
right place.

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