The Underworld: What They Tell Us�”Residents”

Of the many ghost story stories, the most valuable
have those where they talk about communicating with them. Only thanks to such
testimony we can get at least some information about

It should be said that the information that gives ghosts to this
account full of hazy omissions. Underworld inhabitants in every way
avoid direct answers and shy away from meaningful, serious
talk on the topic of being after death.

The human soul is immortal

At the end of the last century, one Nikolai Semenovich Veselov died,
young clergyman. His friend, Archpriest Sokolov, who
this time was in another city, it was not known about it.
Suddenly, the man saw an unusually vivid dream: Kherson
cemetery, a monument in which from the stones fell
significant hole …

Feeling curiosity, I climbed into this hole, remembers
archpriest. The light flashed ahead, and, having overcome the passage, I found myself
suddenly in a beautiful garden. Veselov walked towards me in the alley.

– What are the fates, Nikolai Semenovich? – I exclaimed
in surprise.

“I died,” he answered, “and now you see …”

His face shone with that, his eyes gleamed wonderfully. I wish it was
kiss him, but he pulled back and with his hands pulled away from

“I died,” my friend repeated. – Do not come close.

And he continued on his way again, and I walked along without trying
more to touch him and hoping that Nikolai will tell me more
anything. And he really said:

– I am alive, though I died. And in general, he died, alive – it’s all the same.

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