The unique pipeline of the Middle Ages raisedwater at 200 meters without any pump

The ruins of the castle of Alamut, which are located in Qazvin province
modern Iran has long been interested in archaeologists, but it seemed
researchers, in this building nothing can be found interesting.
An, no, as TehranTimes publisher reports, most recently
Iranian archaeologists have discovered something astounding here –
plumbing that is at least ten centuries old.

The mountain fortress Alamut was built in the 9th century, during
For the following centuries, it was a refuge and a reliable base for
early Ismaili – assassins, who were known as
irreconcilable enemies of the Crusaders.

Specialists, to their surprise, once discovered in the ruins
the thriving assassins fortress remains of the aqueduct, which
consisted of a dam and a complex system of tunnels and gutters, thanks to
what the water rose to a height of at least 200 meters. Insofar as
the fortress was on top of a mountain, such a complex engineering
the structure providing water for the residents of Alamut is simply amazing
the imagination of the modern man who believes in most
there were no cases in the Middle Ages even in “civilized” Europe
nothing like this. It turns out that residents of that time in the territory
modern Iran was much more developed civilization than
medieval Europe. However, this is not the only evidence
uncomfortable historical truth that the modern western world
does not want to acknowledge and accept …

By the way, in Iran you can find much more ancient
aqueducts, for example, in the city of Gonabad there is a karez, to whom 3
thousands of years, and he is active, supplying clean drinking water
40 thousand inhabitants still …

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