The unique Russian appeared in Earth orbitmilitary satellite

We have already written that in recent years the militarization of space
gradually, but more and more clearly manifests itself, so that “stellar
war “, it is possible, is not far off, that’s just to fight in
near-earth space, people will most likely not have to
aliens, and, as always, with each other …

This is evidenced, for example, by the fact that aerospace
Russia and the USA now have troops. More
In addition, the Russian Federation today has
ahead of your main space rivals. Confirmation
This was, for example, the recent launch of a unique military satellite
– controlled and easily maneuvering. Tests of all his
Orbital capabilities were, as they say, “excellent.”

This unit can be easily targeted
any space objects and, if necessary, destroy them.
True, representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Russia right there
made a reservation that the priority of the new satellite will be far
not the determination of the objects of the enemy, but the definition of the functional
any spacecraft. Currently it is becoming
urgent need – again due to militarization
space from the leading countries of the world.

As analysts say, programs for the development of such
armed forces will lead to the fact that the space powers will have to
to put more and more advanced satellites into orbit so that
case of war does not remain without navigation and communication. That is the race
weapons gradually shifted from the earth into space …

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