The United States has officially announced that they are returning tolunar program

The other day, the Acting NASA Director Robert Lightfoot spoke at the meeting
The National Space Council of the United States with a very loud statement,
that the highest priority areas in the agency’s work
the coming years will be the exploration of the moon and mars. And because the first flight
on the natural satellite of the Earth is planned already in 2020.

All this may seem strange, and some ufologists and
independent space researchers considered such a statement even
delusional. At least for the simple reason that the United States allegedly flew
to the moon, then suddenly abandoned this occupation for half a century, and then suddenly
again came to their senses. What is it, the next dusting in the eyes
American public, a kind of space bravado, over
which has long been laughing the whole world? It seems so …

Because, the United States and, above all, the leadership
NASA must first admit that they never flew to the moon, but
their entire lunar program of the last century is just a hoax, oh
which still does not subside controversy. And this is understandable, since in
There are too many unnatural videos on the moon.
Moreover, as NASA officials stated during the
The presidency of George W. Bush, the originals of all these filming
(huge archive!) have been lost. How is this possible, mind
incomprehensible, except on purpose. However, who are not known also
pretty funny manipulation of the Americans with supposedly lunar soil,
which they first generously gave to the leaders of friendly
countries, and then also feverishly (when scientists took it seriously
to study) collected, so that no one has any material evidence of them
�”Moon shame.”

Is preparing a new hoax flights to the moon?

Recall that on the statement of the same Bush that needs to be accelerated
a new lunar program, the then NASA leadership responded that on
It will take hundreds of billions of dollars and at least 50 years.
Where did the money and, most importantly, the time to prepare for the new moon
program appeared in the US now that the economy of this country
experiencing a terrible crisis? Or they are preparing a new
hoax? ..

Not by chance, many earthlings who, of course, are interested
space theme convinced that the Americans never flew
The moon, all this is a fairy tale about a white bull, as the Russians say. By the way
why in Russia there has never been an official show of the “lunar mission”
NASA in full? Yes, because the Russian inquisitive mind immediately
I would be surprised very much in this “masterpiece” of cinema, even
the one who from the side shoots the flight of the Apollo, aliens
whether? And such blunders, serious and not very much in this film were
and a small cart: it’s just the Americans, zombie their
patriotism, could believe in all this nonsense.

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