The United States is working on the creation of drones. Scientistslook with fear

On Earth, colonies of bees are dying out, scientists are already sounding the alarm,
since without these beneficial insects, people will remain … no, not without
honey, it’s still half the trouble, and without the main food plants,
which the bees pollinate, leading to a planetary famine.

For this reason, researchers of this problem, for example, the United States, have already
with might and main they are working on the creation of drones that could in the future
would replace the bees by pollinating the plants. This is what it says
Professor Shashi Shekhar – a leading specialist in

Of course, scientists all over the world are primarily looking for reasons
extinction of bees to eliminate them. But, apparently, it is connected
with the climate change of the planet, we see it with our own eyes, let’s say, in
California, where they began to massively die trees. Behind them, I think
insects, birds and so on will follow. Therefore, robot bees are
a kind of safety net, although no one can say with
one hundred percent certainty where we will come walking this

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