The United States will destroy not atomic weapons, butfracking

Сланцевый газ и сланцевая нефть, получаемые с помощью frackingа,
another ten or fifteen years ago promised the world a beautiful slate
revolution in energy, since such deposits abound in
every country. It is not by chance that American companies engaged in
frackingом, появились тогда в Польше и других западноевропейских
countries, and soon in Ukraine. And then, even in this seismic
earthquakes started in a calm country …

The fact is that shale energy is mined by
hydraulic fracturing when drilled pits under
huge pressure supplied water, sand and many chemicals
so that gas or oil is squeezed out of shale.

Everything is good, but this method literally poisons everything
and primarily wastewater, causing the inhabitants where to begin
shale mining energy, forced to flee from this
terrain – poisoned and completely unfit for habitation.
Однако и это не самое страшное, что несет в себе fracking. Like us
already mentioned above, even in a quiet Ukraine after the start of mining
shale gas occurred serious tremors. And so what
talk about the United States itself, which practically stand on the fault
tectonic plates of San Andreas and other seismically dangerous

As the leading seismologist of the state of Oklahoma Austin Holland,
hydraulic fracturing during shale mining
energy, gradually lead the United States to a global catastrophe:

America will not die from the nuclear missiles of North Korea or Russia,
as the media propaganda trumpets, not even from a volcano
Yellowstone (directly), and from the mad race of energy-producing
companies, which was once called the shale revolution. Frecking
able to cause unprecedented earthquakes in the United States and the same
Canada, and even the explosion of supervolcano. I beat the alarm, wrote
рапорты, доказывал опасность frackingа, однако уже вскоре на меня
began to put serious pressure, and my report on this issue
Director of Geological Survey Randy Keller and Dean
Melbourne College of Earth Larry Grillo is recognized as erroneous,
because he practically demanded to stop this madness. To me
clearly hinted that I am not only a scientist, but also an employee
state institutions, and therefore must listen to the requirements
oil and gas industry leaders.

Thanks to all this, Austin Holland has become the FORMER leader
the seismologist of his state, and last week the EPA (Agency for
защите окружающей среды США) одобрило и сам fracking, и
use in the course of its chemicals. And this is not looking
that shale oil and gas production in the country leads to environmental and
seismic catastrophe, what almost everybody in the country is shouting about
progressive scientists. When large ones rush on one pan of scales
money for modern capitalism, a prime example of which
It is the United States that serves, it’s no longer important what lies on the other bowl – at least
the fate of all mankind …

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