The universe exists, although it can notbe…

CERN nuclear research scientists have come to
the conclusion that the existence of the universe is contrary to those laws
physicists on which our entire academic science is based and
builds our understanding of the world around us.

If the Big Bang, which allegedly gave birth to the Universe,
an equal amount of matter and antimatter, then with
interactions with each other, these opposites should
destroy each other, moreover, very quickly – almost instantly.
However, this is not observed – the Universe is stable.

Scientists in order to find the truth conducted an experiment with
elementary particles – protons and antiprotons, measuring them
magnetic moments. It turned out that the particles are identical in terms of
only differ in sign – plus and minus. Here is what is written in the journal
Nature about this is one of the participants in this study.
Christian Smorra:

Numerous experiments and observations have shown that
absolute symmetry exists between matter and antimatter. BUT
this means only one thing – the universe should not exist. None
however, it exists, which proves only one thing: the asymmetry in
something should appear, but we have not yet discovered
can we

Experiments are ongoing. However, the statements of scientists at CERN
suggest some reflections: if academic science
is mistaken in building the universe, how can she judge
processes occurring in it, including on Earth,
categorically denying, for example, parallel worlds, levitation and
teleportation, the ability to travel in time, the immortality of the soul and
much more? Revise, apparently, will have all of our previous
views of the world, and the sooner we do this – the better …

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