The US government accidentally declassifiedstudies of mental and mental control over people

The American government accidentally handed over to a civilian.
secret files regarding remote research
non-physical effects on humans, mental and mental
control over people with the help of the so-called “psycho-electric

This happened the other day after a Boston journalist
Curtis Waltman addressed the Washington State Information Center,
requesting data on the anti-fascist movement in the United States. Newsboy
appealed to the Freedom of Information Act, so the officials were
forced to give him the “necessary” documents.

When Waltman began to review the files he received, he came to
real bewilderment. The email contained an archive in which
it turned out a lot of diagrams, charts and other graphical data
concerning psychotropic effects on the human body.
The journalist could not believe his eyes.

The documents do not say who the authors of this
an ominous experiment, however Curtis reasonably suggests that
it was the authorities of the “citadel of democracy” who could study the influence
electromagnetism and other fundamental interactions on
human condition and behavior. Sounds like the plot of the next episode
�The “X-Files”, however, unfortunately, it is about
reality. At least the reality in which they live
the Americans.

Here are just some of the directions of this mysterious and frightening

  • forced erase memory;
  • control of emotions;
  • hearing control up to shutting it down and causing hearing
  • induction of microwave hearing and tinnitus;
  • вызывание зрительных hallucinations;
  • causing unbearable pain in the eyes;
  • voice control;
  • control of heartbeat until cardiac arrest;
  • causing unbearable itching of the skin;
  • invoking involuntary muscle contraction;
  • causing genital pain, involuntary orgasm;
  • causing feelings of heat and cold;
  • reading and transferring thoughts;
  • control of dreams, inducing drowsiness or insomnia;
  • causing electric shock and microwave burns without
    visible reasons;
  • behavior management down to forcing on anyone
    attack, commit murder, suicide.

Some of the documents that Waltman mistakenly received are:
that the study involved volunteers who have experienced
many of the above effects. Files offered
technologies and techniques for manipulating the human body and
consciousness. For example, some illustrations demonstrate
radio towers, as well as vans and helicopters with antennas, sending
Some signals in homes with people.

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