The US military filmed a huge spacealien ship

An amazing video appeared at the end of last month on
famous resource “YouTube”. The user who put it in a wide
access, claim that the mysterious event happened recently in
Ventana desert terrain in the southwestern United States.
US marines allegedly filmed space in the sky
a ship of colossal dimensions during its teachings. Roller
impresses with its high quality and detailed demonstration

Maybe this is why many World Wide Web patrons immediately
stated that this is a montage. They say everything looks too good
to be true. Skeptics are hard to understand: when a record has
low quality, they necessarily say that it is supposedly a bird or
cloud; It’s worth it to appear on the Internet with a UFO video in high
resolution, as materialists begin to “uncover covers from secrets” from
a vengeful force, proving that this is definitely a fake and brazen

Doubters, however, it is not difficult to understand. These days any
if desired, a person can add to the video “flying
plate, snowman or even a dinosaur. Numerous
ufologists and researchers of supernatural phenomena themselves do not tolerate
can mystifiers that make experts spend
plenty of time to study fakes and discredit the whole discipline
in the eyes of ordinary people. In addition, the video presented in the
It may turn out to be a fake, since the powerful
allow real video of such high quality with
spacecraft, and even next to him the military, calmly walked
over the web.

On the video below you can see not only huge
�”Flying saucer”, but also a couple of much smaller objects under it.
Helicopters fly past mysterious aircraft. Passes by
for a while, and the UFO suddenly begins to suck in the sand,
lifting it up by a post. US military quietly watching
behind this, as if for them such is the most familiar sight. Here
involuntarily ponder over whether world governments will become
generally try to save us if the Earth really suddenly wish
seize or destroy the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization …

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