The US military is experimenting again withby bacteria

Defense One US Military News Portal Proudly to
Recently reported that scientists under the auspices of the Navy, Air Force and the US Army are close to
creating bacteria that can easily detect submarines
the adversary.

By the way, the first information about such developments (the project under
quite difficult even by the abbreviated name ARASTPPSBME)
appeared in early 2017, but then on this news, few
noticed. However, today this project is already solid
financed (about 50 million dollars allocated to it), and
the first practical results of it are expected by the military in a year.

The essence of the project is to create artificial
microorganisms capable of reacting to the presence in sea water
certain substances (for the detection of submarines is rust,
lubricating oils, fuel oil). This technology will be useful in the first
queue for tracking submarines using
diesel electric drive, since there are no such submarines in the USA, and
it means that it will be very easy to distinguish one from another.

Artificially created “smart bacteria” by the US military
plan to use also to guard ports from penetrating into
these are underwater saboteurs (based on reaction to human DNA),
and even using them to create “paint” for military equipment, it is easy
imitating environment, achieving the so-called effect
invisibility (about one of the most unfortunate American “invisibility” –
the legendary stealth bomber F-117 – watch the video at the end

Plans, of course, ambitious, but the world community is scared
too much arrogance of American scientists. They once
have already invented the bacterium “Cynthia”, which was supposed to “devour”
accidentally spilled oil in the ocean. And in 2010, after
catastrophic explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig,
when about 5 million barrels got into the Gulf of Mexico
oil, covering it over 100 thousand square kilometers of water
smooth surface, American scientists have released to combat this
ecological disaster artificially created microorganism.
However, the “syntia” which was thought up precisely for this purpose
I soon realized that it was much easier and tastier to eat everything alive in
Gulf of Mexico than oil, and therefore arranged here such
environmental disaster, the consequences of which are Americans (and indeed
only they) clear up so far.

Не получилось бы у США и с by bacteria против подлодок,
saboteurs something like that? And if these microorganisms lead
yourself not at all as planned? By the way, similar
experiments are conducted not only in the United States, but also in other countries
(at least in this area of ​​military development
Americans are trying to overtake the Chinese, not even hiding a similar
race). Wouldn’t that be the same scary picture,
as with climate and tectonic weapons? And if

Do you think it’s worth experimenting with live
микроорганизмами – by bacteria, которые старше человечества на
billions of years? ..

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