The USAF brought the top secret back into spacedrone

The American company “SpaceX” once again brought to the earth
orbit top secret military laboratory “Boeing X-37”.
Pilot drone was delivered into space
reusable launch vehicle “Falcon 9”, safely
landed after that.

The true purpose of the innovative orbital aircraft of the US Air Force
is a secret sealed. Space ship enveloped
a shroud of rumors incessantly fueled by theories
conspiracies Some conspiracy therapists suggest that “Boeing X-37”
designed to spy on other countries. Others believe that
drone служит для поиска внеземных форм жизни. According to
third, we are talking about experimental weapons.

There are those who, based on allegedly leaked data,
claim that the X-37B is running to eliminate
the source of three hurricanes looming on the USA, the most powerful of
which is a terrible IRMA.

Some American experts believe that all these hurricanes, in
including the previous “Harvey”, caused by climate weapons,
since they appeared to be “out of nowhere” and everything was aimed at
United States. And although most scientists believe that
climate weapons do not yet exist in our world, supporters
conspiracy theories believe that Air Force Space Command has spotted
a mysterious object near the Earth, and NASA officials identified the pier
even that it is he who creates hurricanes dangerous for America.

It is unclear who launched this strange object and whether it is earthly.
origin, but the X-37B went into space with thermonuclear
charge of great power to destroy the mysterious “creator
hurricanes. True, this is only a version, and no more. At least
as we wait, how the events will develop, whether
hurricanes moving on the US its destructive gait after this
American space mission.

Note that the “Boeing X-37” has already flown four times into space: in 2010,
2011, 2012 and 2015. The last time a plane equipped
solar panels and lithium-ion batteries, installed
record, having been in Earth orbit for 718 days. Than he all this
time was engaged there, they know only the US military and, perhaps,
SpaceX leadership led by eccentric billionaire Ilon
Mask. But they – are silent or give journalists some fragmentary and
meaningless information …

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