The USSR and the USA have already visited Mars. Flight videofrom the 70s shocked the Network

World space agencies claim they are only planning
send expeditions to Mars, however many conspiracy therapists and
unorthodox astronautics researchers are convinced that man
already a long time been on the Red Planet and this information
strongly silenced by the powers that be. Theorists
conspiracy believe that the USSR and the United States made successful attempts
flight to a distant celestial body back in the 70s of the last century.

Since 2011, there are persistent rumors about the so-called project
�”Red Sun”, carried out almost half a century ago
joint efforts of the Soviets and the States. Say, after
NASA astronauts flew to the moon, a secret expedition,
organized by the opposing forces of the Cold War, was
sent to Mars to create a base there. This is unprecedented
a joint venture of two competing superpowers was supposed to
remain secret so as not to have an impact on powerful propaganda with
both sides.

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