The Vatican is convinced – aliens are attackingThe earth

Инопланетяне атакуют

News on the Internet is full of information that soon
The Vatican, along with NASA, will announce to the world about the unification of forces against
evil aliens. Why do people scare in advance, saying that
инопланетяне атакуют The earth? Complex issue. In everything that happens
There are many suspicious moments. First, too often, in
Recently, the Vatican is talking about “green men.” Dad not
just acknowledged their existence, but promised to baptize
новоприбывших на The earth. On the other hand, father Jonathan Maurice
says that in the case of an attack from space, you have to combine
the efforts of the entire planet: “The global issue will require a global
settlement under the roofs of world government. ” Besides,
priests do not just talk about the existence of aliens,
which, in fact, does not cause any doubts, but in detail
describe them, as if preparing the congregation for contact. Already
For several years the world has been discussing the theme of the threat from space and
the need to create a world government. Apparently, in
the newly formed parliament, the Vatican wants to be the first violin. BUT
otherwise, why is he so actively involved in the discussion of issues
astronomy, extraterrestrial civilizations and possible attacks from space?

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