The victim of the mysterious murder was unexpectedly found incult horror movie

In July 1974, a teenager walking a dog in the vicinity
the city of Provincetown, Massachusetts, unexpectedly discovered the body
unknown, which could not be identified to this day.

A woman between the ages of 30 and 40 fell victim to murder, and
After 44 years of investigation, American law enforcement officers
still can not tell who this lady was, as well as who
why and under what circumstances deprived her of life.

One of the most mysterious crimes in US history got
today is a very strange turn and again interested
the public after the author suddenly noticed
Joe Hill is the son of the famous “master of horror” Stephen King. Hill
revised the famous Jaws horror of 1975 and
noticed in one of the scenes of the mysterious murdered woman. Stranger with
a blue scarf on the head appears among the crowd at the 54th minute
the movie.

Джо Hill провел небольшое расследование и определил, что
The scene described was filmed in the summer of 1974, not far from
Provincetown! The writer suggests that the lady was invited to
participation in the crowd, and some time after the shooting she
was killed. It is unlikely that her death has anything to do with
Steven Spielberg’s film masterpiece, however, it’s curious that shortly before
committing the crime the face of the american woman was perpetuated in
cult horror movie.

It is possible that such an unexpected find will give the police
A new clue to identify the identity of the victim, as well as at least
definitions of a killer. Especially when you consider that in this life nothing
случайного не бывает, а потому Джо Hill, скорее всего, не просто
so paid attention to the above described detail: apparently, the time has come
for solving a strange crime for almost half a century
old …

By the way, try to find this young woman in a blue scarf on
fragment of the film and imagine how difficult (almost
unrealistic) it was done by Joe, looking through the whole picture, connecting
then discovered also with a real crime – mysticism and

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