The video got a ghost killer in prison

British researcher of supernatural phenomena Tony Ferguson
claims that he managed to capture on camera a killer phantom in
former prison bodmin english county cornwall. According to
ghost hunter, it’s about the spirit of a criminal named
William Hampton.

At the beginning of the last century, this man killed a young woman in cold blood
the girl she was romantically involved with and who
threw it. In 1909, the murderer was hanged in these very walls.
The prison, built in 1779, was closed in 1927, and now
here is a museum.

The video below shows high dark
silhouette sailing over the prison’s stone floor and disappearing straight into
the wall. Naturally, it could not be any other visitor
museum or its employee. 32 year old Tony and his 50 year old spouse
Bev, went to Bodmin specifically to meet
there people from the other world claim that they have never before
It turned out to fix the paranormal on the video. Movie managed
fly around the many resources of the World Wide Web and collect thousands
comments of both skeptics and those who firmly believe in the afterlife
a life.

The infamous William Hampton was the last of 55 people
who were hanged in this terrible prison. May 2, 1909 he strangled
his girlfriend Emily Tredeu, who was then only 15 years old.
Executed the same barely 23 years old. Believed to be his
the restless spirit settled in the building along with the haunted multitudes
other local prisoners. Because of this, Bodmin is quite
popular place among those interested in ghosts and other
mysticism. Phantom figure with a pale face, captured
Ferguson, very reminiscent of William, if you believe the old
black and white photographs depicting this killer.

Tony tells:

This is incredible. I’ve been to a lot of places where they happen.
paranormal phenomena, and saw a lot of mysterious shadows and silhouettes,
however, it is something completely different. We were shocked when we noticed
in prison this figure floating in the air. More surprising is that
we managed to record it on the camera of the phone what happens among
ghostbusters not so often. I’m not too shy, but
then my wife Bev was very uncomfortable then. True creepy
the ghost paid no attention to us, so I concluded that it
residual phantom. Someday it will dissipate completely and go to
world of the dead. In the meantime, he has to be between the worlds, scaring and
surprising living. So often happens to those who take lives
someone, this, apparently, punishment them from God. So the criminals are not
would hurt to think about the fact that besides the worldly there is still a judgment
God, and he can be much more severe …

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