The war with Russia will bring death to everyone whodare to

This is the prediction given by the famous sorcerer of Mexico, Antonio Vazquez.
Alba, while stressing that Russia itself is not expected in the near
future no global catastrophes though economic difficulties
still persist for a while, as the false information war
and political sanctions from western satanic
parasitic “elite”.

Can you believe in the prophecies of this magician? For this purpose it is worth
recall that Antonio Vasquez Alba at one time calmed the world on
the threshold of the Apocalypse of the end of 2012, arguing that nothing
will not be. He predicted the war in Syria and Iraq, called Trump
the winner in the presidential race for chair 45 US president as
and much more. So believe in his predictions is quite possible.

Here is what the Mexican sorcerer himself says:

The alliance in the world could be called the alliance.
two superpowers – Russia and the United States. And from this
Union each would extract maximum benefits, and in any matters and
spheres, while peace and prosperity reigned on Earth thanks to
to this union. However, there is a world control that does everything
possible that this alliance fails. Despite this, Russia
all the same was and will remain a big and very strong power, her
the power and influence of the world as a whole will only grow in spite of all
Western efforts to weaken the Russian Federation through economic, political and
even military intrigues and attacks. Europe is trying to “grow” (her to this
pushing satanic forces), but grow to it except east
nowhere to go So she seeks to press Russia. However it may
only lead to the death of Western Europe itself, as it were,
for example, during the invasion of Napoleon on the Russian land or
Hitler, who also pushed for this parasitic adventure
�”Elite” …

By the way, all political and economic sanctions against Russia
turn to her only good and collapse for those who are
arranges. Of course, in the coming years, residents of the Russian Federation, says Antonio
Vasquez Alba, you won’t have to relax, some difficulties are still
waiting for the country and its people, but since 2022 the real will begin
the heyday of Russia, not only economic, but also spiritual.

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