The woman claims to telepathically drove offfrom your home wild cougar

A resident of Ashland, Oregon, was the other day
shocked when she returned home and found in her living room
adult cougar. The wild animal slept quietly behind the couch,
Climbing, apparently, in the home of an American through an unclosed
back door.

Despite her immense amazement and fear, Lauren Taylor
decided not to call the police or animal trapping specialists.
Instead, the woman somehow took the bongo percussion instrument and
I began to beat hard at him. Cougar woke up and leisurely
retreated. Our heroine even managed to capture this action on

Many of us probably think that the big cat is elementary.
I was frightened by loud noises and hurried to leave an unfamiliar place.
However, Lauren claims that in reality everything was
not at all. According to the American, felines
are incredibly susceptible to human energy,
so Taylor mentally talked to the cougar and explained to the predator that
he cannot stay in her house. Woman, they say, told
mountain lion, how to find the way back to nature, and the beast obediently
gone. Our heroine reports that she loves animals very much and never
would offend them.

And where is the bongo here, why was it needed?
Question many users of the Internet? Taylor explains it

First, the percussion instrument was required in order to
wake puma, and secondly, the bongo rhythm contributed to a lighter
telepathic contact of man and animal. This musical
the instrument also harmonizes the energy of all things,
adjusts it to the desired mode, it is not by chance that all the shamans of the world
use percussion instruments in their rituals.

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