The woman says she photographed herselfdeath

43-year-old Sharron Call from the English city of Doncaster
claims that she managed to capture a grim reaper in a photo,
who took her father to the next world, and one of the ravens who appeared
вместе со deathю. Both pictures were taken at the hospital where the father
our heroine Roy Krank died the other day from cancer at the age of 67
years old.

One of the shots shows a dark humanoid figure,
looking out into the hospital corridor. The author of photobooks is convinced that
This is the old woman with a scythe. On the second photo you can clearly
see a black bird sitting in the same corridor on the back
wheelchair. Obviously, just being in the walls
the medical institution the raven will not. Where is he from
took …?

Call tells:

In recent days, I constantly looked after my father in
the hospital. On that day, he behaved very strangely: he constantly pointed out
at the entrance to the chamber. My father could not really speak, but he was
something very scared. I thought it was the disease and
medicines that were given to him. Then I quit the toilet and
I saw this dark figure in the corridor, and also a bird. I also became
a bit scary. My dad left our world in just a few
hours after I took these photos. Then I read that
crows are harbingers of death. Now when i look at
pictures, I feel not fear, but joy, because I know: there was
someone who took my father to a better place. I don’t need another
evidence that after the death of all of us waiting for a new
a life.

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