The woman was found alive a year and a half afterhow it swept away into the sea

Indonesian media reported a mysterious incident. The other day
there was a woman who was killed more than a year and a half ago
large wave in the sea. Since then, 52-year-old Nainin Sunarsi was considered
missing. However, now the Asian was unexpectedly found alive in
unconscious on the beach from which she
disappeared. Moreover, the mysteriously returning lady turned out to be
in the same way the clothes she wore in the day

The disappearance and the search for women

It is reported that in 2016, a woman rested in the town of Sukabumi
on the island of java. When the Indonesian came in one ill-fated day on
Beach, there are strong waves, one of which washed away
our heroine. Powerful currents immediately carried the screaming Sunnarsi into
open sea, and no one was able to assist her. Afterwards
rescuers discovered a decomposed body in the water, but relatives
Nainin did not recognize the woman carried away by the elements in him.

Law enforcement agencies ordered a DNA test and found that
the corpse really does not belong to the missing Sunnarsi. Later
a few days of searching, rescuers felt that our heroine was not
could survive at sea, and stopped looking for her. Close
(relatives and friends) the women refused to consider her dead and
all this time they hoped that she would appear. So, to everyone’s shock,
and it happened, but this is not the strangest thing. History acquires
obvious mystical tint for other reasons …

Indonesian suddenly found his own uncle

The fact is that Nainin was discovered at night by her uncle.
An elderly man suddenly had a dream in which his niece
I asked him to come to the beach where they saw her last.
The Indonesian woke up with tears in his eyes and for a long time could not come in
yourself The dream seemed to him extremely realistic and even prophetic.
The man dressed, left the house and went to the beach, not hoping
especially something to find there. What was his surprise, bordering
shock when he discovered Nainin there.

The uncle of the woman who was found immediately called an ambulance, and Sunnarsi was taken to
hospital. Doctors report that the state of our heroine is now
time is stable. She is very weak, but her body is not
there were any signs of violence. Police confirms
that never before encountered anything like it. Special
law enforcement officers are surprised by the fact that Nainin was clothed in all
the same black pants and yellow dress, which also turned out to be in
good condition.

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