The woman was taken away by aliens, and talked to her aboutthe future

женщину забрали инопланетяне

Sensational scandal in Japan with the wife of the Prime Minister circled
the whole world. The wife of a high-ranking minister has publicly stated
that they were taken away by aliens, she flew with them to Venus and that they
talked about very important things. What exactly is the premier’s wife not
соизволила уточнить, поскольку это были вопросы о the future Земли. But
according to the woman, aliens are not going to harm residents
Earth, and certainly not planning to seize our planet. how
it turned out to be completely useless to them, since they themselves live in
beautiful place, and not going to say goodbye to him. Also a woman
said that when people see aliens, they should not
fear, because they will not be conducted experiments. On the contrary
if the aliens do something with the human body, then it means
том, что они его лечат и он очень важен, поскольку в the future
will make a very significant step. Therefore, one must not be afraid, but rejoice
to the fact that someone was taken away by aliens, because in their environment
be much better than with people.

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