The worst zoo in the world at the same time mocked andangered visitors

In the urban district Yulin, which is located in the south of the PRC, opened
a small zoo called “Guishan”, which is on the first day
насмешил и одновременно angered visitors, отчего стал настоящей
a sensation.

Anyone for an affordable fee of 15 yuan (about 130
rubles) can look here at “strange animals” and
�”Incredibly rare penguins from the South Pole,” as the colorful
signs of this institution.

On the opening day, crowds of townspeople rushed here, but they were all
terribly disappointed with what they actually showed. When about
Western journalists found out that, “Guishan” was instantly dubbed
the worst zoo on the planet. And this is a very appropriate name for
such an institution.

The fact is that the public here is shown the most ordinary hens,
ducks and one single, also unremarkable, tortoise in
glass box. And the lauded “incredibly rare penguins with
South Pole “turned out to be … inflatable layouts, some of
They have an unnatural pink coloring. Unfair
advertising and depressive photos of the zoo quickly spread through
World Wide Web.

It is reported that the animals in the “Guishan” laugh many
However, most of the visitors were still very
pissed off with such shameless deception. Unfortunately, get your
no one managed to get the money back. In China, false advertising is
quite commonplace, and fight it at the legislative level
there is no rush.

Moreover, the violent reaction (albeit negative) of people
outrage and jokes on the Internet and the press played a role
additional advertising for the worst zoo on earth – rebound
from visitors in it is not yet. As noted by one of
journalists, the organizer of this “miracle in the sieve” or the greatest in the world
a psychologist, or just a real magician!

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