There are two new travelers intime, which exactly repeated what they saw in the future

Rather, to say that there were two videos with
stories of regular time travelers who supposedly
visited the future. These are men, and the story of Mr. Alexander
Smith, published on the web on November 16, almost exactly repeats
drawn pictures of the future by lord noah arisen on
YouTube video hosting on November 17th (see both videos below).

Moreover, both travelers are supposedly victims of the CIA, whom
thrown into the future against their will (during the experiments, the exact
details and consequences of which they were not previously informed).

Both videos alerted netizens to the fact that they
too similar, with pictures of the future being drawn as they are
describe fiction writers and screenwriters, that is, the city (2118
Alexandra and 2028 Noah) are very similar and do not stand up to any

Not by chance one of the commentators remembered the words of Russian
satirist Mikhail Zadornov, who we spent the other day in the world
another thing is that if you keep a person in your barn all your life and then ask
to draw a palace, it will shed it and will draw in some variations,
for it has not the slightest presentation of anything else.

This is what is seen in the stories of the newly minted.
�”Time travelers”. For example, they both saw cities
the future, where instead of modern cars – flying drones, taxis and so
further, and robots and people walk along the streets-sidewalks (especially in XXII
century), absolutely not like us. And most importantly – a lot around
greenery, cleanliness and general peace. Moreover, both
the traveler is assured that in the future the time machine will become
so commonplace that it will be used for
travel arrangements, both in the future and in the past. And this
entertainment will be available to everyone …

However, these two videos were noticed by conspiracy therapists
who believe that stuffing these materials on the Internet is far
not by chance. The fact is that such videos on the Internet today are
and a small cart, however these two somehow became viral,
as if someone spins them on purpose. After all, these
time travelers are usually put in a mental hospital, and
here …

Supporters of the world conspiracy push two versions of what is happening:
or someone needs to ridicule and discredit the really important
information about time travel, or the media is busy, on the contrary,
preparing the public mind for some unusual information
apparently also related to a time machine or something
like that.

We look forward to the development of further events in the world of information …

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