There is an opinion that there are gates in Indianahell

Многие люди верят, что врата в hell существуют, и их можно найти в
American city of Brasil, Indiana. According to the legends,
Wabash Valley’s local area is home to seven different
entrances to hell itself. Согласно слухам, нhell одними из врат
the train once got off the rail, and every single passenger was killed,
going straight to fiery hell. It is alleged that in these
places constantly occur supernatural phenomena.

Пугающие свойства «врат hellа»

Townspeople will gladly tell you that it is here in the dark
the presence of the paranormal is especially strongly felt. From local
the tunnels at night shout and cry. They can also be heard with
the aforementioned railways and from nearby forests. Exactly
dirty abandoned tunnels are considered inputs to where none
a reasonable person would not like to get there. However, it is located
немало смельчаков, желающих если не заглянуть в hell, то хотя бы
to approach him, that is, to meet his spirits.

It is assumed that everyone who comes here at the witch time (with
midnight to three in the morning), after about thirty minutes will be
witness the appearance in one of the tunnels of the ghost of the guard.
Rumor has it that he looks like a two-meter whitish human
a figure that utters a wild inhuman cry and begins
chase unreasonable lovers to tickle your nerves. If a
a rash fool will be unlucky, the ghost will forever drag him away
to the kingdom of the dead.

Real Loss and Death

According to some reports, in the Wabash Valley area, in fact
бесследно пропhellают люди. The last known disappearance was
place on the night of September 12, 2010. 15-year-old Alicia Emery
went to one of the tunnels with three comrades and
volunteered to go first to the totally dark underground structure. Not
Minutes passed as the girl screamed hysterically, then her voice abruptly
broke off. Friends schoolgirl immediately rushed away. Emery which
still not found, admitted as a result of missing. Police
concluded that this is an abduction, however, believers in abnormal
tunnel properties are considered different.

Someone claims that occult nights are held here at night.
rituals: from frivolous teenage to the most real, with
animal and even human sacrifice. Около «врат в hell» иногда
really find the corpses of birds, rats, cats and dogs. Luckily,
human bodies, even their individual remains, while in these places
appeared. Militiamen, however, are on guard and murder
animals, not to mention the loss here of Alicia Emery, therefore
pay special attention to the area when patrolling

Ритуал, позволяющий попасть в hell на машине

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