There is evidence in the Bible that aliensvisit the Earth from time immemorial

Инопланетяне посещают Землю

Despite the fact that the first facts that prove periodic
the presence of an alien mind on our Earth, appeared not earlier
early forties of the last century, there is a version that
UFOs and aliens were familiar to people in the pre-Christian period.
Written evidence and evidence that aliens
visited and visited our Earth repeatedly, can be found in the Book
Books – the Bible, in which UFO pilots are called angels of heaven.
The book of the prophecies of Ezekiel also describes the visit
our planets are space aliens. American scientist
F. Blyumrikh managed to decipher these messages, and on the basis of
prophecies reconstruct the spaceship-shuttle which
communicated with the spacecraft base in orbit. Not a lot
not a little, but it happened more than 20 thousand years ago. Besides,
the Bible has a lot of other information about visits
aliens of our planet, even with a detailed description of the species
Earth from space.

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