There is no cosmic mind because of the “greatfilter “

John Sotos, an expert of the California National Guard
in Sacramento, created a unique model explaining the Fermi paradox,
that is, answering the question why we do not observe in space
a mind like ours.

According to this model, there is no extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe because
«великого filter “. The scientist concluded that any mind
similar to that which originated on Earth, sooner or later destroys itself
using biotechnology.

By modifying the Drake equation, by entering into it the factor responsible for
self-destructing the mind through biotechnology, John Sotos realized
that humanity most of all should be wary of genetic
methods that will certainly be used in personal
medicine, and this, in turn, ultimately destroys
intelligent life. The researcher published his findings on the website

It seems that ufologists will not agree with the conclusions of Sotos,
conspiracyists, supporters of the global conspiracy, and so on, who
believe that our planet has long been under the hood
extraterrestrial civilizations, if not more: humanity itself
Is a genetic experiment of a higher cosmic
of reason.

However, the findings of the American researcher are not at all
contradict, but only complement the theory of aliens and even in
to some extent can explain why the higher cosmic mind
showing us their technical advances, does not enter into
contact. This is not the human mind, but the “consequences” of its unreasonable
activities, since all these “flying saucers” and other
unearthly miracles can only be an invasion of our planet
biorobot. Impassive and indifferent robots to our problems,
which were the result of biotechnology hobbies.

John Sotos does not insist that his theory is undeniable,
however, it focuses people’s attention on this: we are still
не нашли подтверждение наличия во Вселенной космического of reason. BUT
After all, if he was really there (and at any level of development),
you would certainly make contact with us: this is a property of humanity
– look for your own kind. What can not be said about the biorobot
which if there is on Earth, then they are indifferent to our “primitive”
biological mind.

The main finding of the Sotos discovery: people fear genetic
experiments, which, in fact, are a means of destruction
human mind! Если, конечно, принцип «великого filter ” не
created by the Higher Forces specially. For what? Most likely, we have this
just do not understand …

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