There was no last white male on the planetrhino

On Monday, March 19th, the last on the planet died in Kenya.
самец северного белого rhino по кличке Судан. White rhinos
являются крупнейшими rhinoми, и когда-то они жили на всей
territories of the African continent, however, by the middle of the 20th century
the population began to number only about 2000 individuals. In 2006 year
poachers shot the last northern white rhinos,
living in the wild.

3 years ago only Sudan remained in the Kenyan reserve, and
also his daughter and granddaughter. The male suffered from serious age
ills, so the specialists had to reluctantly put him to sleep.
The animal lived to 45 years, which is approximately 90 years
human standards. Rhino round the clock guarded by
poachers, however, the serious condition of his health forced
employees of the reserve to kill one-on-one.

Because of its impressive age, Sudan suffered from muscular
dystrophy, brittle bones and diseased skin. In recent days he has
there was no longer the strength to stand up or eat. Before you enter
animal lethal injection, doctors collected his genetic
material. There is a small chance that with the help of it will succeed
fertilize the two remaining females, however many experts
believe that to keep the view is almost impossible.

Poachers, because of which this species is almost extinct,
destroyed white rhinos for their horns. In many African
культурах бытует суеверие, что порошок из рога белого rhino
has almost magical healing power and cures
human the most serious disease. In order to protect endangered animals from
encroachments poachers guards shot criminals without
warnings, however even this extreme measure did not help and did not
cast off poachers illegally to hunt rhinos. Prices of them
the horns on the black market are too high for people to give up
such an easy money.

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