Thermal method of cultivating the land in ruralhousehold

The thermal method of cultivating the land has been used for a long time, however
mainly steam is used in this case. However, besides steaming
Soils, in the last century, starting from the thirties, became
apply its roasting with the help of “flame throwers”, or rather, to say
with the help of fire cultivators running on liquefied gas.

However, in the sixties, this method of weed control
pests and pathogenic bacteria have been recognized as unprofitable
and obsolete: great faith in chemistry appeared at this time.

However, in the 21st century, rural workers began to return to
fire treatment of the soil, since chemical is not always
effective, and harmful to the environment, not to mention
damage done by the cultural planting itself and in
Overall – the quality of agricultural products.

True modern fire cultivators are difficult to compare with
agricultural machinery of the last century. They have become more economical,
effective and safe. Currently, equipment for
heat treatment of the earth using fire produced in the United States
Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark. In Russia, to
Unfortunately, this technique is not made, and the fire method itself
tillage is practically not used, although scientists argue
what is the best (albeit the most expensive) way to prepare
farmland planting and planting, as well as weed control and
pests such as the Colorado potato beetle.

But let’s admit, there are a lot of people who saw with their own eyes how
is this process going on? Even on the web, an online video showing
cultivation of farmland by fire cultivators to find practically
is impossible. Fantasy, and more! Easier to find videos about
flying to the moon or mars. Isn’t it strange …

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