They dug a grave, and dug up the bones of a giant,who lived 200 years ago

Independent researchers have long proven that
the planet once lived giants, and it was not some
some tall people, whom you can meet today, but whole ones

It remains an open question: when giants and
why are they extinct?

Famous Russian researcher of antiquity, writer Sergey
Alekseev in the proposed small video tells very
interesting story about how in childhood he witnessed
of an amazing event: a grave was dug in the cemetery for the dead
grandmothers, and dug up the bones of a real giant.

The grave was dug by my father and uncle Ilya, the latter was very high
for those times a man – under two meters of height. So dug out
the giant’s shin was on his chest, the skull was like a huge cauldron,
that stood in our bath, and the giant’s teeth (measured with a match
box) reached 5 centimeters.

But most of all then it struck the boy not even that, but that
peace with which adults perceived the bones of a giant: they say it
old people, they were all so. And safely prikopat
the remains of the giant back, which, according to Alekseev, was not
more than 200 years. So, these very tall people lived not at all

The writer does not specifically mention the coordinates of the graveyard as
it also immediately stipulates that in their books they also purposely
distorts the names of people, the names of villages, because, on the one
side, fears barbarians and black archaeologists, but on the other –
understands: these findings are not yet time.

Indeed, what is the use of what happened in America
before last and last centuries the remains of thousands were removed from the earth
giants? Where is all this now? They are not even mentioned in
academic textbooks on history and archeology. That does not want
Alekseev, a writer of a similar fate for Russia, and therefore, telling
his amazing case from a distant childhood, only emphasizes
that such shocks that fate had generously bestowed upon him,
forced the inquisitive mind of the boy, and then the young men to doubt
some generally accepted tenets and made ultimately from
him a good researcher. Well, the narrator, of course, because
what is the use of research if people don’t know about them, if secrets
the stories will remain closed to millions. For example, for
the writer himself remains a mystery why on earth
almost completely extinct people-giants, and, apparently,
very fast. Moreover, this mystery surprises and torments many
Earth history researchers …

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