They filmed a whole string of UFOs flying on the backgroundThe moon

In the evening sky over the English city of Bradford was seen
mysterious anomaly. More precisely, even as many as six.

Local resident Carl Conway photographed on Sunday, 29
October, the moon and unexpectedly captured in one of the pictures a few
strange objects flying against the background of the night lights. it
happened exactly at 19:05. The author of the image is a member
The Queensbury Photographers Club believes that he managed to catch
camera something beyond the ordinary. That’s what he told
to reporters:

I took this photo among others, and did not even notice anything.
when shooting. And then, looking at the pictures, he noticed strange
темные пятна, запечатлевшие на фоне The moon. But what can they be?
Six incomprehensible objects appeared in the lower left corner of the frame. On
At first glance, this is the most common snapshot of the nightly sky beauty.
But if you look more attentively, you will understand what I am talking about. To me
never before was it possible to capture anything like that. I will not
make any hasty conclusions, but it seems to me that this is something
very unusual for the average man in the street. Maybe even

When Carl Conway uploaded this image to the World
the web, among the regulars of the Network heated disputes broke out
regarding the nature of the British shot objects.

Some users think it was a group of witches,
preparing for the celebration of Halloween. For others, it is
about the string of “flying saucers” of aliens. Still others blame
government drones. Skeptics suggest that
there were birds. However, nocturnal birds, as we know, are not flocks
fly around. But bats – a much more plausible option.

As for mysticism, the moon has always provoked dark forces.
on increased activity, and here still approaching holiday
Halloween – anything could be, if we assume that the world is not so
primitive, as we are presented with “sober and boring”
materialists …

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