Thin humanoid creature captured in the nightOregon Forest

The following video was taken in May past
years, however, fell into the hands of cryptozoologists now. Mysterious
the event took place in a forest near the American city of Benda
Oregon. It is reported that a local resident went then to
night trip and never returned from it.

Experts leading cryptozoological YouTube channel “Nv Tv”,
they do not argue that this story is true, however
emphasize that this is how it was told by a man
providing the specialists with these frightening shots. This individual
swears it was so.

American says that he discovered in nature someone lost
video camera and on the same day I looked through the recording from it, having connected
device to computer. The video was filmed by a certain man who
walked through the night forest around the tent, after I heard
outside misunderstood noise. Apparently, he was truly

Caught among the trees, the hero video at a certain point
turns and directs the lens to something unexpected. See
these frames can be at around 5:47. Before a man appears thin,
a pale and tall humanoid figure without clothes. On this creepy
video, fortunately or unfortunately, ends.

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