Those who were taken away by the fate of the “Winter Cherry”believed in guardian angels

Today, journalists Kemerovo tell several
the stories told to them by “happy coincidence”
I wanted, but I didn’t get on that ill-fated day and hour in the “Winter
cherry “, where there was a fire that killed many people, including
– children.

For example, Elena Khamzina with a 19-year-old son Vladimir were going to
March 25 to get to the Pacific Rim. But Vladimir that day
he got up late, swung hard, which wasn’t even like him.
Ultimately, he was so pissed off with his inadequate
the behavior of the mother that she refused to go to the TRC “Winter Cherry”
believing that in such a way punish his son for his laziness. And through
a few hours Elena learns about the tragedy that occurred in
shopping and entertainment center, after which she went to Volodya, hugged
she whispered him: God, the guardian angel, through your laziness, saved us from
of death. How then did the family learn from a friend Volodya, who worked
in “Winter Cherry”, they miraculously managed to escape that day, getting out
crawling almost under the rubble of buildings and burning hell.

But the Perov family planned to go to the “Rabbit Peter” as
times March 25, and it was in this room were blocked
the door where all the more children died. And they wanted to lead and
younger and older daughter. But the youngest was somehow capricious and
did not want to go. But the eldest 12-year-old girl went to the TRK
with uncle. But … again, she wondered why it was not clear
�Peter Rabbit, and Lara Croft, and the closest session to this picture,
as it turned out, was in the evening. And the man and the girl went to
the cinema across the road saved them. And at this time, their parents
with horror learn about the tragedy in the “Winter Cherry”, begin to call
daughter, but she does not pick up. The mother gets hysterical, and suddenly
– the bell: what are you calling, the daughter asks with displeasure, we’re in
cinema? ..

Journalists say that such strange obstacles when
as if someone did not let people in the mall “Winter Cherry”, there were many,
why miraculously rescued really believed in their
guardian angels. Why did not the higher forces save everyone else?
It is difficult for us who live to judge this, and it’s not for nothing that Christians often
they repeat in their prayers: your ways are unknown, O Lord …

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