Thousands of walruses have occupied the sea coastAlaska

Residents of Port Heiden, Alaska, USA were just
shocked by the fact that the coast near their village turned
occupied by many walruses that never before
it happened.

It began half a month ago, when a flock of
hundreds of individuals of these marine animals. It caused residents
Port Hayden is a little bewildered, nothing more. However when
walrus has accumulated here for more than a thousand, people began to literally beat
alarm: maybe something terrible happened in the ecology of the sea near
Alaska? Moreover, in previous years on the beaches near the village in
at best, two or three walruses could be seen. And suddenly –
a huge flock …

The sudden appearance of a walrus in such a huge amount
interested not only the residents of Port Heyden, journalists, but
and scientists. For now they assume that sea animals are just looking
new feeding places. And that’s why they chose this place
hard to say because it’s hard to say what is happening in the marine
waters near the village, all this requires not a superficial analysis, but
serious study of the situation. Usually such a large number
моржей наблюдалось на берегу Бристольского залива Alaska, который
Port Heyden is approximately 200 kilometers away.

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