Three-fingered mummy Maria from Peru from an alien�”Turns” into an unknown species of man

As we already reported on our portal, last year in Peru, in
one of the caves of the Nazca Plateau, a mysterious three-fingered
mummy Maria (as scientists called her, read more about this
article by reference).

Even then, the Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov did
the assumption that it may not be any alien as
rumbled trumpeted world media, and an unknown species to us
ancient people. And here is a team of British researchers led by
By Steve Mer, based on the DNA analysis of the mummy Mary and others
creatures of the Peruvian cave, concluded – they belong
unknown to the village of science mind of an ancient man.

The other day about this discovery reported the famous tabloid Foggy
Albion – The Sun. British scientists called the age of the mummy Mary
– in their opinion, this person lived for about two thousand
years ago (Konstantin Korotkov believed that Maria’s mummy was at least 3-4
thousand years). How did the Genetech laboratories determine
Sri Lanka, the three-fingered mummy has an unusual set of genes: on
98.5 percent is primate, while the remaining 1.5 percent is
do not belong to anyone (could not be determined).

Here is what Professor Mera himself says about this:

The remains of strange three-toed creatures, including the mummy Maria,
appeared in April last year and immediately became a sensation. Them here
sent to Inkari Institute (Cusco, Peru),
where did the scientists from almost all over the world, including
Great Britain. Our task was to determine
What are these creatures, aren’t they aliens? The fact is that they had
three-fingered limbs and very elongated skulls, plus other
abnormalities compared with the ordinary person.

Today we can say with absolute certainty that this
not aliens, although such a finding can change everything early
representation of the official science of human history and become
most important discovery of the XXI century. I can add to this: the most
extravagant details of mummies like their three-fingered and strange skulls
– all these are the hands of skilled craftsmen, who added all this with the aim of increasing
cost of remains on the black market – in our world, unfortunately, this
practiced around and everywhere. However, the absence, for example, of ordinary
ear holes in the skull, powerful lower canines – this is all genuine, and
it says (confirmed also by DNA analysis) that we have
an ancient man of a completely different kind, unknown to science so far.

Currently, the mysterious mummies are preparing to send to the museum
Nazca, at least, this is being negotiated. According to Steve
The measure, very good for science, is that the mummy’s data did not hit the black
market, but it is very important that such barbarism does not happen
and further. They place in the museum …

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