Three Japanese will fly into space – onairship

Можно ли подняться в космос на airship? At first sight,
it seems that there is not, since outer space is airless,
there is nothing to support the balloon-like aeronautic
aircraft However, this is far from the case (in more detail
see this video below), and therefore a modern airship is quite
can reach cosmic heights.

Three Japanese engineers want to prove it next year,
having made space flight on the technical genius created by them
инновационном airship, состоящим из сверхпрочного композиционного
material. Currently, enthusiasts have already begun to develop
the final steps, that is, the final tests of his offspring,
the development of which is conducted by them since 2015. Stratospheric
the airship must pass a special strength test
equipment, for example, in wind tunnels, capsules with
reduced pressure and so on.

According to brave development engineers, fly in space
on their state-of-the-art apparatus, they will be able to last up to three days With
In this case, the cost of raising the airship to airless space will be
several times lower than making such a trip to
traditional rocket.

Note that the development of a space dirigible
American company JP Aerosapce (since 1999), seeking to
low-cost access to space. Such a magnetoplane (stratospheric
the airship will not rest in space on the air that is not there,
and on the Earth’s magnetic field) will simplify and significantly
reduce the cost of launching various spacecraft.
However, the project itself has become too costly and long-term, and
because the first tests of the launch of the prototype of a cosmic airship
passed only last year. Despite success, JP specialists
Aerosapce refused to give even an approximate date when all
it will be completed.

Возможно, успешный полет в космос на airship японских
engineers, which will be held next year, will push
American developers accelerate the completion of their, in general,
interesting project.

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