�”Three-legged” girl noticed in panoramas�“Google”

Recently, the famous map service Google Maps again
interested in conspiracy therapists and ordinary curious, when a certain
Web user unexpectedly discovered a strange photo on a random photo.

According to our hero, he considered the panoramas of the Croatian
the city of Split and at some point noticed in the background
one of the pictures a couple of girls – something in them immediately seemed
to him strange. He enlarged this image fragment and came in
a real surprise: one of the ladies had three legs! When
the man spoke about his discovery on social networks, a screenshot of
the image of the girls scattered across many resources of the Internet.

Of course, the most logical explanation of what happened is
следующим образом: камера на машине �“Google” сделала панорамный
the shot is poor and due to the overlap error one girl’s leg
split into two. By the way, we note that such “clumsy pictures” for
This map service is almost a common occurrence (see
video below).

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