Three major Russian cities may suffer inDecember from meteorites

World astronomers report that next month on the planet
an intense meteor shower will come down that can bring
serious problems for earthlings.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of these space bodies
will be too small and will burn in the earth’s atmosphere, some especially
large meteorites can fall to the surface of our “blue
ball “and lead to the real tragedies. Unfortunately, under such
The threat turned out to be three major Russian cities. About it was
stated at a recent international scientific conference in Icelandic

The largest car, according to scientists, will have a mass
more than 20 thousand tons and a diameter of over 25 meters. It is this lump
theoretically can split over the Volga region, collapsing
meteoric “rain” simultaneously on Samara, Kazan and Nizhny
Novgorod, as well as nearby settlements.

However, the domestic astronomer Sergey Averyanov in response to this
The statement of venerable scientists, declares that it is too early to panic. By
the opinion of the Russian expert, even such a large meteorite, rather
everything, will collapse and burn even when entering the atmosphere, and even if
its fragments will reach the surface of the Earth, they are unlikely to cause
great destruction, and therefore talk about the tragedies too early.

Recall that, according to some scientists, every year on
the surface of the Earth falls about 2 thousand tons of meteorites, however
most often they do not harm people. Ufologists and conspiracy therapists
their turn remind that in 2013 Chelyabinsk fell at all
very large car, ready to completely wipe out the south
the capital of the Urals, however, and he did not reach the goal – was shot down
aliens (we simply do not have such technologies – see
video). Byэтому паниковать рано, особенно россиянам, которые, судя
throughout, are protected either by the Higher Forces, or
alien mind …

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