Three mysterious shadows flew against the nightThe moon

An unknown amateur astronomer claims his powerful camera
запечатлела необычное явление возле The moon. On the night of April 22, he shot
natural satellite of the Earth, and in the lens of his device unexpectedly
hit three mysterious shadows that flew against the background of Selena. Turning on
the video below, you can see them at the mark
1:18. Intriguing shots quickly spread over the World Wide Web,
chained the attention of professionals and ordinary citizens.

Of course, most Internet users felt that
we are talking about the top three alien ships. Other commentators
decided that they were witches (before Walpurgis Night, they say, remained
just a week, they are already going to quietly or train) or
ghosts Third web users tried to find what happened.
rational, not supernatural explanation. They assume
that somewhere between the moon and the astronomer’s camera, birds could fly,
orbiting satellites or asteroids, finally, just gel
balls released by someone from the lovers of night-adventure-entertainment

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