Three pillars of light fall from the night sky

They say that lately people have begun to notice more often
various anomalous phenomena that are not amenable to logical
explanation. At least they are so unusual that scientists
until they can not uniquely interpret them.

Approximately something similar, mysterious and difficult to explain,
Justin, who was driving late, took the camera of the registrar
in the evening along the Ohio State Road. I was driving and driving until I noticed
that three pillars of light fall from the night sky (see video).
No, the driver kept driving, the highway was direct and
light columns remained before the eyes on the right. Another thing is that
At first, Justin thought it was a glare of the windshield or
some dust stuck to it. But he soon realized that the mysterious
the light rays “hide” behind the trees flickering on the side of the road and
road signs, which means they really exist.

Light, as is well marked, falls from the sky and does not reach
earth, so this is not like the rays of searchlights. Maybe the rays of the moon
make their way through the clouds, the American thought, and this calmed down.
Fortunately, the light poles soon began to blur and then
completely gone.

However, already being at home, considering the received record with these
mysterious pillars of light, Justin realized that he could not give
rational explanation, since the moon was not on that evening
Heaven, moreover, he had never seen anything like it, and therefore
the man simply posted the material on the Web for public discussion:
maybe someone came across a similar, and someone even knows that it
is it?

Miracles surrounded people always

But the World Wide Web users never came to a single
opinion, what are these pillars, but many agreed
that the American managed to remove another mysterious phenomenon, which
really getting bigger and bigger in our life.

On the other hand, it is quite possible that the matter is quite different:
abnormal phenomena, most likely, pursued people always. But
before, firstly, every inhabitant of the earth had no camera in
pocket, as now, on each machine on the DVR, not
to mention the billions of webcams and surveillance cameras stuffed with
now where it is possible and where it is impossible. Secondly, man in the past century
perceived any abnormal phenomena as divine, and therefore
often I simply prayed and kept silent. Finally, only
The Internet allows today to spread so widely
information, including anomalous phenomena, moreover
discussing them in the vastness of the web makes these events more meaningful,
which also contributes to the appearance of the feeling that miracles are all around and
everywhere, and scientists are just powerless to explain anything to us …

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