Three quarters of Americans believe inparanormal

In connection with the approach of Halloween in the United States conducted a large-scale survey,
designed to determine how many people in the united states believe in
сверхъестественное и какую именно paranormal американцы
consider it quite real, that is, existing in our physical
of reality.

The results are such that almost three-quarters (74.6%) of the Yankees believe in
this or that “devilry” and “unprecedented”. Study authors
became specialists from Chapman University in California. So,
get acquainted with the results:

55% of respondents believe that developed countries used to exist
civilizations like Atlantis.

52.3% of respondents believe that in certain places
settle ghosts and poltergeist.

35% are of the opinion that the aliens visited our planet in

26.2% think that aliens come to Earth and today,
if not, they are always with us all the time.

25% are convinced that some people have telekinesis, that is,
able to move objects by force of thought.

22.1% call truth the existence of witchcraft and magic.

19.4% believe that soothsayers and psychics can
look into the future.

16% say that Bigfoot, Chupacabra and other mysterious
animals are real.

11% consider real fairies, gnomes, trolls and other mythical

The survey also showed that the largest number of such believers in
supernatural manifestations in our lives occur in women
unmarried, low-income, religious and conservative citizens,
as well as residents of rural areas and ethnic

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