Three supervolcano ready to wake up?

Despite the fact that supervolcano Yellowstone has long been serious
disturbing american scientists and even politicians lately
researchers of natural anomalies of this kind literally beat

First, the Yellowstone Volcano itself behaves as if
ready to wake up, suffice it to say that in the last two
almost two months occurred in its area, that is, in Wyoming
thousands of mini-earthquakes, some of which reached 4.3 points
on the Richter scale.

However, the state of Washington is the second supervolcano –
St. Helens, who today also began to show signs
awakening. God forbid, blow up Yellowstone, like this one right there
will show its activity. North America in this case for sure
the end will come.

However, there is another supervolcano on Earth – near Naples,
which last erupted in 1538, however seismic
the activity observed today almost across the planet
causes fear among volcanologists that this giant may well
wake up and deal a serious blow, however, is no longer America, but

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