�”Thunderbird” met a residentPennsylvania

A resident of the small American city of Wilkes-Barre North
Pennsylvania посчастливилось столкнуться с мифологическим (наука не
has data of real distribution on Earth of this kind
birds) cryptide – “thunderbird”, so named because
it is very large, which is also called the bird Ruh.

This is how the witness himself tells about this unique meeting –
50-year-old man, who decided to remain incognito:

I love the nature walks that I take on
quad bike, so I spend all my free time riding in
suburban forests and fields, the benefit that beauty here is just
indescribable. As a rule, I drive very quietly, so as not to disturb
harmony that allows you to practically connect with nature.

That day there was nothing on my quad bike ride
unusual, I was driving slowly along a dirt road, when suddenly
watering – a small natural lake – I saw a huge
a bird Or rather, to say that at first I was attracted
strange sounds, and then I saw this fantastic
cryptide publishing them.

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