�Time Bomb�”Tesla”

Despite the fact that the main threat to humanity remains
atomic world war destroy our civilization can easily and
many other factors. And some of them are not related
nature, nor with the cosmos, for example, economic. Not by chance already
Today, many researchers fear that modern robotization
it threatens us not so much with the machinations of AI as with mass unemployment and
the impoverishment of the main part of the population, about which now no one
cares, and in the future it is unlikely anyone from the powerful
will lament. Rather, on the contrary, it will allow a bunch of rich
to rule even more completely and brazenly …

Among the economic causes of decline, and perhaps even
the destruction of civilization may be the most banal,
for example the global economic crisis due to overproduction
cars. For a long time, this did not seem to threaten people, although we already
wrote about parking lots with thousands of unsold new cars,
which automotive giants cannot sell, but also
they cannot lose the price on them either (they will also lead to a collapse on
car market and, ultimately, can lead to the collapse of the entire
world economy).

And this is despite the fact that a modern car is not such
durable. Now imagine that someone began to release the eternal
cars … This thought, and then outlined with all
colorful world catastrophe for such a seemingly insignificant
reason, back in 1953, writer Clifford Symak, describing in his
novel, as for the destruction of civilization created “vetmobil” –
an eternal machine that breaks the global economy and … in the world
chaos reigns.

«Вечмобиль» компании �”Tesla”

In the novel the American science fiction vechmashina created specifically, but
this in our world can happen spontaneously. Enough to draw
сейчас внимание на электромобили компании �”Tesla”. This year
this auto giant in terms of production volumes of cars overtook Porsche,
Jaguar and even caught up with AvtoVAZ. Причем, �”Tesla” не просто
produces a lot of cars, all its cars easily claim to
fantastic evening games:

  • электромобили �”Tesla” демонстрируют на испытаниях сегодня до
    1.5 – 2 million kilometers in various conditions, and this,
    as experts say, 80 years of operating a machine without
  • as for the weakest point in the autocar, then today’s
    аккумуляторы �”Tesla” после 15 лет использования сохраняют не менее
    90 percent capacity, and in order for this figure to drop
    up to 80 percent, as bench tests have demonstrated,
    almost half a century.

�”Tesla” практически стоит в одном шаге от «вечмобиля», и если
the company has even today dealt a serious blow to the global economy,
then tomorrow she can just bring her down. It is necessary to take into account that
auto giant undermines the foundations of not only engineering, but also
нефтедобычи, поскольку каждый автокар �”Tesla” экономит, как
at least 80 thousand liters of diesel and gasoline per year, which is why
only in the third quarter of this year, the global oil industry
lost over $ 20 billion in revenue. Moreover, for
подзарядки электромобилей �”Tesla” компания еще устанавливает их
the owners of the solar panels on the roofs, completely making these machines
independent of other sectors of the global economy …

Бомба замедленного действия от компании �”Tesla”: экономическая
an accident or a planned world collapse?

Сегодня многие аналитики приходят к мнению, что �”Tesla”
practically preparing a bomb for our civilization. While it seems
imperceptibly, but even more dangerous – a time bomb that
not immediately discern. Here are just more surprising in all this:
Why are auto and oil moguls so calmly related to this threat?
They do not seem to be similar to blind-aged kittens and at the same time allow
�”Tesla” практически готовить для нашей цивилизации экономический
Apocalypse. Is all this so conceived by the world elite?

As they say conspiracy, in the case of such an economic
disaster, may well die two thirds of the world’s population
of the ball, and even more, but the Illuminati are precisely for this and strive, and
Ilon Musk in this case may just be a dummy –
like a pound in the office of “Horns and hoofs” from the novel “Golden
calf”. True, the scope of work and distracting maneuvers (for example,
flights to Mars) billionaire Mask are impressive and do not go to any
comparison with similar inventions of Ilf and Petrov …

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