Titanoboa: a sea snake weighing a ton

Fortunately, scientists say, the eerie snake Titanoba has become extinct
tens of millions of years ago because even the skeleton that
went to paleontologists from this monster, amazing imagination.

This snake was up to 20 meters long (and maybe more) and weighed up to
two tons. Its jaws are four times larger than the largest
modern python. In theory, according to experts, if in
the open mouth of such a terrible giant would hit a man, then he could
get up there in full length.

Despite the fact that titanboas could creep out onto dry land, a huge
the weight of this reptile made it most comfortable to feel
yourself only in the water. It is under water that prehistoric snakes are mostly
and lived: here I hunted, here I shared the ecosystem with
paleozavry, giant crocodiles and huge turtles that
most ancient world. We must assume that all of the listed at least
terrible sea animals tried not to be caught by this
monster …

Orthodox science believes that the serpent titanooba has become extinct a lot
million years ago, however, independent
researchers who cite rumors about
giant reptiles and reptiles in little-studied,
completely impassable places of Africa. Why are there Africa, off the coast
The Karadag of Crimea more than once saw monstrous sea snakes (more
Read more about this at the link). Where are they from, where are they hiding and
why people seldom come across, nobody knows. But these
monsters somehow appear in our world, for example, from
parallel, where the fauna of our planet, apparently developed
completely different. Or maybe they do not appear, but actually exist in
sea ​​depths and even deep-sea lakes, for example, in
Scottish Loch Nessky or Chinese Kanas …

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