Today, a walk on Mars can almosteach

Today it has become possible for almost every inhabitant.
Earth, and all thanks to the special program Access Mars, which
prepared for space travel lovers experts

The Access Mars app simulates landing and walks through distant and
very mysterious planet, and now you can visit
Mars without any risk to their health. These virtual
walks, thanks to an interactive three-dimensional map, give almost
real sense of presence on the Red Planet – far from Earth.
A person can feel the atmosphere of Mars, see the most
its amazing landscapes, to visit various parts of this
fantastic world and even make notes in order to return to the most
interesting craters and valleys, for example, in a day or two.

In addition, the application allows you to get acquainted with the history
the development of the Red Planet, for example, find out how and when appeared on
her rover Curiosity, which he managed to do and take off over the years, well, and
etc. By the way, the route of walking on the virtual Mars can
choose yourself, but the location is still too limited.

However, as online archaeologists and ufologists chuckle, during these
walking you can hardly find something mysterious and
supernatural not to mention to meet
alien or martian – NASA employees are all pre
it is cleaned, and very thoroughly, though, not forgetting
provide your ZD card with some juicy details –
for the most naive.

However, if you consider that any computer program can
fail or aliens suddenly connect to it, becoming interested
�”Martian Chronicles”, then the users of this application are quite
real surprises can be expected. Surely we’ll hear from them again.
the same Scott Waring or George Graham …

The program can be installed both on a computer and a laptop, and
on any tablet and smartphone with the Android operating system either

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