Touching to tears: the cat is trying to digmaster’s grave

We often write and read on the Internet about cats that are truly
amazing creatures that surround us and brighten our lives,
who are capable of the most incredible deeds and fantastic
tricks. No wonder that these beasts are suspected of being mystical
abilities, then in an alien origin …

However, behind these kind and tender, in general, homely
pets somehow stuck the notion that the cat “walks by itself
herself, that she never binds to a person like we say

Binds, and how! Quite a few cases when cats saw off
their masters in the cemetery, so yes, they would live there, as if
compassionate people did not entice or “persuade” compassionate people. Moreover, in
the case of violent attempts by a person to change the situation
(and in the best of intentions), such devoted animals are all
early escaped from their new friends and returned to the churchyard – until
did not die on the mound of their former master.

I think the cat, which was captured on video in Malaysia during
the funeral of his master is likely to be the same (or
similar) fate. Apparently, this white as snow, sad
Seal, no one invited to the churchyard, did not wait. However, he
appeared, and when the owner already fell asleep, he began to dig
paws still fresh mound graves.

Posted by video posted on social network.
Soffuan CZ, told that on that day, September 17 of this year,
buried his grandfather, Ishmael Math. All this happened on the island
Langkawi During the funeral in the cemetery, the grandfather’s cat came running
tried to dig the grave, and then did not want to leave with
graveyard …

Unfortunately, we do not know how it all ended: could
Ishmael Math’s children and grandchildren persuade his devotee cat to leave
the cemetery, or that, as often happens, was left near the owner,
preferring such a fate full life with new patrons? But even
the fact that the video for the first day alone scored on the social network
almost 7 million views, says a lot: people are impressed
such animal dedication, which means most of us are
remain kind and clean children. It is a pity that many immediately forget
about their true nature as soon as they plunge into vanity
everyday life, giving her not only energy, but also the warmth of his
big heart …

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