Tourist photographed a “ghost choir” inhollywood hotel

An American tourist named Sarah says she visited
recently los angeles hollywood area where staying at a hotel
�”The Standard”. There is a woman who never believed in
supernatural, was forced to change their views regarding
the other world. The fact is that our heroine seems to be
faced in this place with several phantoms and even
photographed them on the camera of the smartphone.

Sarah even called them very poetic – “a chorus of ghosts,”
since it was this phrase that immediately occurred to her when
the sight of such an amazing sight.

According to the American, she was returning late in the evening to her
the hotel casually raised its eyes to the balconies of the empty rooms.
On one of them, it suddenly seemed that which made an eyewitness
feel a chill run down your back. On a random balcony,
where in principle there could be no one, there were three pale
anthropomorphic figures, as if consisted of smoke or fog.

Our heroine clearly saw two tall human silhouettes.
on the left and one low on the right. She also said that at first she didn’t even
I managed to get scared, which is why I managed to photograph this “choir
ghosts “, but then for a long time I could not fall asleep in my room,
since there was a balcony in her room, and it seemed to the woman that
He also wanders around those mysterious pale shadows …

Some World Wide Web users thought it was perfume.
some parents and child. The most amazing thing is that this time
skeptics did not show themselves. Or let’s say: no skeptics
weighty arguments to criticize this photo evidence
the existence of the afterlife …

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