Tourist photographed the witch in Englishcemetery

49-year-old tourist Karen Hargreaves from the Australian city of Perth
claims to have visited the United Kingdom recently and by chance
took a picture of a real witch at St. James’s Cemetery in

The author of the mysterious picture believes that it could be
Jenny is a legendary character in English folklore. Green-toothed
Jenny is an evil witch living, believed to be
stagnant ponds and dragging passers-by to their bottom.
If you believe the urban legends, the supernatural old woman especially
likes to frighten, torment and drown small children.

In the image below you can actually see
a human figure in a gray robe, standing among the graves and thick
thickets. Karen says that neither she nor her husband Lenny is
заметили в момент съемки на cemetery ничего необычного. but
subsequently, looking at photographs taken on vacation, they
realized that they captured something strange and probably scary.

But was it really a witch living here like
least since the middle ages? Anything can happen. According to spouses
Hargreaves, they readily believe in paranormal phenomena, and therefore see
only such an explanation of what happened. Правда, Green-toothed Дженни
запечатлелась на снимке или какое иное cemeteryнское привидение,
still difficult to say …

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