Tourists took pictures with a strange creaturein the misty forest

A group of walking tourists from Croatia posted to the World
spider web mysterious shot. Four young people say that
оказались in the misty forest и, впечатленные красотой зимней природы,
made there some pictures. When friends returned home,
one of them noticed a strange detail in the photo. In the background, in
haze among the trees, recorded a huge humanoid
figure. An inexplicable creature (if it really is something alive),
must have a height of about three meters! Needless to say that
travelers were amazed by this discovery.

According to the young people, they did not see anything that day.
anyone suspicious in the forest. This means that the intended
the stranger stood off and watched our heroes, not wanting to be
seen However, the mysterious stranger distinctly fell into
camera lens. If he was dangerous, then the group was lucky that she was not
began to linger in that place and soon came to civilization by
tourist trail. Friends decided to share their find with
by other people and soon posted a sinister snapshot into the World
spider web Internet users immediately began to wonder what
depicted in this photo, a mysterious ghost or something else.

According to one of the Network’s regulars, it was a real
big Foot. Such a theory, as you might guess, got
the largest number of supporters. Other commentators believe that speech
talking about a monkey. In principle, it is possible, only in Croatia
there are large humanoid monkeys, especially three-meter
growth. Finally, there are users who are confident that
a kind of supernatural essence materialized in the haze of the forest
for example from a parallel world – in which case it may be
whatever monster or humanoid.

Well, skeptics, as expected, suggest that in the frame
hit some freaky stump, acquired in the fog so
frightening, almost mystical outlines. Undoubtedly, dried trees
sometimes take the weirdest forms, but on the other hand,
plants, after all, are also living beings, and therefore could well make
it is conscious. And in this case the assertions of the skeptics are not
contradict the main thing – the mystical figure in the photo remains
full of secrets and worthy of the most fantastic assumptions …

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