Traces of a mysterious civilization found inIndia

Thanks to modern terrain scanning capabilities
Archaeological searches today have increased many times. For example,
we wrote how among the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula are scientists using
lidara able to detect more than seventy thousand buildings
Maya civilization, which simply could not be done by relying on
previous search tools.

Археологи India сделали не менее удивительное открытие,
using again-such advanced technology, thanks to which
discovered in the state of Maharashtra petroglyphs, which at least
12 thousand years. The most amazing thing is that these cave paintings
belong to the most ancient civilization still unknown

Why these rock art could not find before? Exactly
for the reason described above: these petroglyphs in view of their large
antiquities were under a thick layer of soil, and if not
modern opportunities … After all, even the local population is practically
knew nothing about all this. Rather, out of 52
villages, in the vicinity of which found rock paintings, only
жители пяти населенных пунктов India что-то слышали о «картинах
of the distant past ”and even considered these places sacred (at least
At least there was some information left about them.

Currently, archaeologists, as they say, have only touched
this historical wealth of more than 400 petroglyphs, on
a full study of which local management has allocated more than three
million american dollars. That’s what it says about all this.
Gardge – Director of the Department of Archeology of the State of Maharashtra:

The initial determination of the age of these rock paintings –
10 thousand years BC, but it is quite possible that they are many
older It is not only surprising that a huge age of petroglyphs and
virtually unknown to the civilization that left them, but also
a variety of drawings themselves, which depict people, animals,
birds, all sorts of characters and much more – this will still have
to understand. It is also surprising that among the drawings come across such
животные, которые в India просто не водятся, скажем, бегемоты или
rhinos. Whether in ancient times they lived in the area, or
people from Africa lived here …

Ученые предполагают, что археологи India обнаружили древнейшие
petroglyphs of our planet, and the civilization itself, which left us such
amazing “legacy” was clearly a community of hunters and
anglers, because among the drawings have not yet been found plants that
says that the people who lived here were far from farming and
even gathering.

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